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'David' A Experiment by Bijoy Nambiar, which has failed miserably

'David' A Experiment by Bijoy Nambiar, which has failed miserably

David, The Bar tender had many expectations from Bijoy Nambiar. But Bijoy's head and body seems to be in taken over by 'Shaitan' literally.  

David is story of three Davids about 3 characters set in three different places and three different destinies, as all reader may know by now.  

First one is Neil Nitin Mukesh who is a son of a underworld don.   His aim in the life is to learn the truth about his father, or is it a love story between David and Monica.  Bijoy's seems unable to convey that.  The love story is set in weird way with Monica shown as a bold woman, who however sticks with David despite her conservative upbringing.  The emotions though captured beautifully by Bijoy, are difficult to digest.

Second David is a strummer, who plays guitar for living.  Played by Vinay Virmani, this David wants to be a famous musician.  He is a son of a Priest.  He is shown as hating his father, but ultimately being just like him.  The love bond shown between him and Lara Dutta reminds us of Dimple and  Akshaye Khanna's unspoken love for each other in 'Dil Chahta Hai'.  Though Farhan Akhtar has captured it more beautifully and realistically in 'Dil Chahta Hai'.

Third David is a drunk, whose father is more of a drunkard than him.  Played by Vikram, this David hates every wedded couple around him, just because his lady love has left him and run away.    He too falls in love at first sight with his friend's fiancee who is deaf and dumb, played by Isha Sharwani.  The Bijoy ploy of this David adorning a Santa Claus Mask to get back at wedded couples is not understood in context of the story.

This film has been set in three different cities, viz Mumbai of 1999, London of 1975 and Goa of 2010.  The non linear approach with no justifiable link between these three cities is hard to grasp.  Though Bijoy has captured London beautifully in Sepia to give it a realistic look.    Mumbai is shot like it is barren and concrete with no emotions.

The film in toto fails to make an impact and the edits, inter cuts and jerks in the film make viewers squirm in their seats.  It is absolutely not clear why Bijoy has failed to link the stories.  

Photography in the film is excellent, Music is okay, Bijoy impresses in some parts with his direction but since the film's story has no integrity and the non linear editing make it difficult to digest.

Bijoy has used the film to convey his personal opinion which is not good.  The films dialogue that religion is business seems to misplaced truth.  As film making is a business meant to entertain the masses rather then drub them with personal opinions.

Ultimately after full length of the movie it seems that Bijoy wants to say that a dons son will be don, a priest son will be a priest and a drunkards son is meant to be drunkard.

As discussed at the Bar.

Bar Tenders advise : Don't watch this movie, you may need a peg or two to understand it.

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