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Kai Po Che, an failed experiment and the films coming this friends

Kai Po Che, an failed experiment and the films coming this friends

Abhishek Kapoor's honest attempt with Kai Po Che is praiseworthy but as a whole his experiment with continuing the Rock On!! legacy has failed.  The film based on friendship, politics, cricket and religion may have all the basic ingredients of a block buster but Abhishek has't been able to weave the same kind of magic he did with Rock On!!.

The first thing you notice when you watch the film is the irrelevant title of the film.  Kai Po Che actually means there I cut your kite in a rural dialect of India or deja vu in English.  But watching the film doesn't give you any sense of deja vu.  It just makes you ponder what the director is trying to tell you.

Abhishek must have named the film to give it a unique feel, but he has not lived upto expectations.  The film is a once watch but that's it.

The films releasing this Friday are I, Me aur Mai, The Attacks of 26/11 and the Bloody Ishq.

The indefatigable Ramu is back with The Attacks of 26/11.  Expect a RGV view of what happened on that fateful and unfortunate day.  The promo of 7 minutes released on Youtube look like a copy of Zero Dark Thirty especially the titles.  The film will be based on a enquiry commission on the Police (Nana Patekar). It will offer a biographical view of the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police on the events that took place on 26/11.  

If you are a RGV fan, than this film will work wonders for you.  If you are not, keep away from it.  Remember a CM of Maharashtra lost his seat entertaining RGV on a Terror Tourism tour.

I, Me aur Mai is just another film on John Abraham.  It has a good story and plot but the absolute sum of the I. Me aur Mai may not be able to click at box office.

And there is this film called Bloody Ishq.  It is a wonder how they make such kind of films and expect them to click. 

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