Thursday, February 14, 2013

A week that was and the week ahead, Bartenders reviews

A week that was and the week ahead, Bartenders reviews

The year has begun and we are already into February and the Bar Tender was wondering whether this year may see any big hits.  But so far the quality of the films as been from good to worse, none justified the label 'Very Good'.  But the Bar Tender has changed his opinion after watching Akshay Kumar in Special Chhabbis.

Neeraj Pandey, the director who gave a ultimate common suspense and thriller in 'A Wednesday' has maintained the expectations the Bar Tender had from him.  The story is good, the plot is beautifully woven around the characters and the highlight of the film are the dialogues.  The dialogues have been used so subtly and beautifully by Neeraj that many a times the dialogues keep the tempo of the film in a high pitch.  

The Bar tender has never been a fan of Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar, but Bar tender was pleasantly surprised to find Akshay in a very definitive and articulate Ajay Singh in the movie.  Not only he has shed his Khiladi mannerisms but he has donned a new artistic hat, for which Bar tender gives him a standing ovation.  

The film is a must watch for true bollywood lover with superb all round acting, story and plot.  This film is predicted by the Bar tender to be the first true blue hit of 2013.  If you have not watched the movie the Bar tender urges you to see the film so that you can sample a true bollywood entertainer. The Special Chhabbis is truly Special.

Here is a song of the film for you.

Now let us look at the line up of tomorrows release.  The first one is Murder 3 from the house of Bhatts.
This is directed by the youngest Bhatt, Vishesh after whom Mahesh has named his banner.  This film is a official remake of the Columbian film '

Following the footsteps of Murder and Murder 2, this will be scarier and sexier then both these two blended together.  One thing is sure from the Bhatt films, you are never short of drama and suspense, and also some airlifted songs from neighbouring nations.  

If you have had a dull day at office or fought with you wife, this is the film you ought to see.  It will make you forget all your drab things and fights, for, in every frame expect the unexpected, true to Brand Bhatt.   

The Bar Tender advises you to watch this movie in the sultry weather prevailing outside, so atleast if the film is unmentionably bore you can enjoy the cool airconditioning for 2 and half hours.  

The other film to be released tomorrow is Vivek Oberoi's Jayantibhai Ki Luv Story.  It is assumed to be love story of a thug and a beautiful gal.  The Bar tender couldn't make it out whether this is a ROMCOM or a gangsta luv story.  

Anyways, accepting Vivek in a chocolaty comic hero's role is difficult to digest especially after films like the Company, Omkara and Shootout at Lokhandwala.  Just check out this space for the post release review of the film.

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The Bar Tenders Advise : Please watch Special Chhabbis once to understand what bollywood is about.

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