Friday, May 31, 2013

This Friday coming to your screens Ayaan Mukerji's Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani starring RK and Dippy

This Friday coming to your screens Ayaan Mukerji's Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Thank god its Friday so said somebody and after two week of dud and one sexy release, the bar tender sure hopes it will be good Friday for bollywood.  This Friday, we will see the release of Dharma Productions venture by Director Ayaan Mukerji called Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani starring Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Kochelin.  

The film is a out and out romantic one from the same genre we got DDLJ and QSQT.  Only this time, since the year is 2013, there are no parents opposing the love birds.  Rather its the moral conflicts we face within ourself, which forms the crux of the film.

The films songs are already chartbusters and the pair of Ranbir and Deepika share a good onscreen chemistry  enough to make the pair a hit.  Another fact helping YJHD is the utter lack of good releases in past three weeks will certainly make it a hot favourite among the audiences.  After the success of Aashiqui 2, all the releases have been duds.  Add to that the Dharma Productions banner itself brings a lot of goodwill to the movie.

Now for the bad side of the movie, though the trailers suggest a raw kind of movie and despite Ayaan's versatile direction, the plot remains a big flaw.  Based on the concept of morality may be enough to drive home a certain point but to keep that concept running for 2 and half hours is rather laborious job.  

But rest assured, you want to watch this one not only for RK and Dippys onscreen sizzling romance but also for the Madhur Dixit Nene's 'Ghagra' Item song.    Kalki as we all know is a artistic bomb so expect good show from her.

The bar tender will never miss this one after the two weeks of utter boredom.

The bar tender

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses

23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses
There are four films releasing this Friday i.e. 23.5.2013, and the bar tender doesn't see any of them making a home run.  First in the list is a disaster film from Preity Zinta  called Ishqk in Paris.  Made by Priety Zinta for Preity Zinta this film has only one plus Salman Khan's cameo.  But the bar tender wonders if Salman Khan's broad shoulders can carry the load of this film.  Do expect a superb opening due to his presence in the film from his die hard fans but don't bet on it!
The story line is similar to I Love NY, so it leaves nothing for imagination.  Preity who is named Ishkq (who the hell names their child Ishkq, anyways) in the film falls in love with a stranger in a exotic city of Europe.  And the end as they say, happy.  Hope Preity finds some solace in being Ishkq after losing out on IPL VI also.  Watch the HD trailer to understand what the bar tender is jabbering about.

And the disaster continues with the next one!  Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke is another film releasing this week.  Starring debutants Adah Sharma  and Dev Goel with supporting roles from Anupam Kher, Chunky Pandey, Juhi Chawla and Sanju Baba!  
23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses
This one is a comedy film set in a journey from Mumbai to Pune and Sanju Baba as an Inspector.  Quite a irony and a twist of fate for Sanju Baba.  Watch the HD trailer here :

The last of the lost is a Veena Malik starrer racy, raunchy and hot sex thriller Zindagi 50 50.  The film  has Veena Malik in the role of a sex worker with Arya Babbar and Riya Sen supporting her.  It is a made for Veena Malik role and a certain category of males may like this film.

There are some hot and steamy scenes in the movie which may leave you squirming.  Watch the HD trailer even though if you cant watch the movie

So there is a list of movies which have failed to make an impression on the bar tender.  However there is this one movie from hollywood which is also releasing tomorrow.  Vin Diesel starrer Fast And Furious 6.  Continuing with the Fast And Furious franchise this film stars Vin as Dom but sadly this time around there are no car chases in the film.  The story revolves around hunting a ex-OSS agent who has gone dirty.

A must watch for Vin Diesel fans and much better than what bollywood is belting out this Friday.

The Bar Tender

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebration of 100 Years of Indian Cinema, Bombay Talkies has for 4 movies only 1 talks about Cinema

Last week the Indian Cinema completed a 100 years of making films.  From Raja Harishchandra by the legend Dada Saheb Phalke to the Bombay Talkies directed by the most wannabe directors of today, we have come a long way from the era of silent films.  Today Indian film industry is the largest in the world by terms of feature films released in a year.  

To celebrate the completion of 100 years, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures came out with a very good idea of a 4 in 1 film 'Bombay Talkies'  This 4 segment film is directed by by four directors for each segment, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and Zoya Akhtar.

All these directors are in their prime form as far as film making is concerned.  Here is a view of the bar tender regarding Bombay Talkies.
1. Murabba : This is the fourth segment of the film and the best of the lot.  It deals with the fascination of cinema of a small town guy and is indeed a celebration of cinema in a way.

2. Star : This is second segment of the film and directed by Dibakar Banerjee.  It has a motif of a ostrich throughout the film.  It provides a good study about the life a struggler goes through in his personal life to fulfill his dream of acting in a movie.

3. Sheila Ki Jawaani : This is Zoya Akhtar's offering which deals which a the aspirations of a 12 year old boy to become a dancer after watching Katrina swinging to the tunes of Sheila ki Jawani.  However the film diverts from the theme of the story and enter the realm of gender bias.  This film actually is not about celebration of films but a internal gender bias study about family.

4. Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh : Karan Johar's segment of the film is the most talked about and acclaimed by critics.  Bar Tender fails to see the logic of this film being a part of celebrations of Indian Cinema.  If at all, this film should have been released separately to showcase Karan Johar's directorial talents.  A terrible misfit in the celebratory mood.

The bar tender liked the idea of the producers doing a film to celebrate a very important journey of Indian cinema, but as pointed above failed to understand the idea behind Zoya and KJo's films being added in this epic journey.

The Bar Tender 

Aurangzeb and I Don't Luv U coming this Friday, which one to watch is a big question

Aurangzeb and I Don't Luv U are two films which are releasing on the 17th of May, 2013.  Yashraj films is producing Aurangzeb which is directed by Atul Sabharwal and I Don't Luv U is being produced by Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma and directed by Amit Kasaria.  
Aurangzeb and I Don't Luv U coming this Friday, which one to watch is a big question
Aurangzeb has nothing to do with the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb, rather it is a gangster story based in Gurgoan.  The film has Arjun Kapoor in a double roll along with an ensemble cast of  Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher, Amrita Singh, Deepti Naval, Tanvi Azmi, Swara Bhaskar and also launches Sasha Aagha.  

The film is expected to do well based on the treatment given to it by Amit but you never know.  A film with a double roll in this day and age is a little unappetizing and a big turnoff.
Aurangzeb and I Don't Luv U coming this Friday, which one to watch is a big question

I Don't Luv U has been presented as a different kind of love story about teenagers.  This film has  Ruslaan Mumtaz in lead with  Chetna Pande as his female lead alongwith  Murli Sharma, Ravi Khemu and Ragesh Asthana.  The film deals about the love and passion and its effects on the teens about today.  It may be a surprise among the youngsters but is sure fire miss in the rural areas.

The Bar Tender

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will Go Goa Gone be gone for the screens by Monday and Gippy survive, read the review

'Zombie' is a genre hardly every touched by bollywood.  If you forgive the Ramsays for making giant 'bhoot'  films, zombie films have never been tried before.  Though a very successful genre in the Hollywood, the bollywood has stayed away from the subject until now.  But directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. and Producer Saif Ali Khan have taken the challenge and are bringing in bollywood's first certified zombie film "Go Goa Gone" this Friday.

It will be a mix of humour and horror like the film Shawn of the Dead.   It’s a story of four friends who bump into zombies on a faraway island and a blonde haired Saif Ali Khan comes to their rescue. 

This type of humour is not easily digestible in India so hope Saif and his team know what they are upto with the Indian fans.  

The other film to be released is a one presented by Dharma Productions and Karan Johar.  After Student of the Year, expect this one to be in the same college/teenage genre albeit the story is about the obese girl who is bullied, insulted and taken for a ride due to her circumference.  Director Sonam Nair helms this one with debutantes like Riya Vij, Taaha Shah, Divya Dutta.  

The music of both the films seem to have become a hit.  It is actually a test for Saif as well as bollywood  to test the waters with the Indian film going audience with Zombie genre.  If this film were to be a hit then you could expect a torrential rain of zombie movies in the future.    It would be fun watching how Saif and his directors would have treated this untouched subject with Indian angle.

Gippy is a teenage film which as always has a niche teenage audience to take it forward.  If the film is good like SOTY then you have a hit.  

Divide your Saturday for one and Sunday for the other.  Don't blame Saif, if Go Goa Gone falls below your expectations.  Poor man has tried something new.  

The Bar tender

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shootout at Wadala and the Bombay Talkies, what would you prefer this weekend?

Shootout at Wadala and the Bombay Talkies, what would you prefer this weekend?S

SAW (not to be mistaken with the famous English horror flick) or Shootout at Wadala is a flick presented by the Sanjay Gupta & Ekta Kapoor.  If you have seen Shootout at Lokhandwala, you know the genre.  Building up a anti hero to the hilt and then killing him with a encounter is a one line story plot of film.

However the things to watch out for is acting abilities of John Abraham and Manoj Bajpai and the sizzling item song of Sunny Leone.  The dance number should be right up there with Munni and Sheila.  

Story wise the film is simple with the protaganist playing Manya Surve and half of Mumbai's underworld aka Haskar family against him.  The first half is sure to play out this and the second half belongs to the Mumbai Police and its mission impossible Inspector Anil Kapoor.  

Anil Kapoor finally gets to kill John Abraham (like we did not know).  The films of genre tend to be macabre, filthy (language wise) and boring.  But they sure have their die hard fans who would lick this up like the lick Shootout at Lokhandwala.  If you don't mind the gory violence, the profane language and blood oozing everywhere, you can watch this movie.  But if you are expecting some social message out of the film, you will be disappointed.  The director has in his own wisdom tried to make a hero out of a small time crook or an anti hero if you prefer.

The second film is the celebration of 100 years of Indian Cinema.  Bombay Talkies is a 4 directors 4 stories film which will leave you a little unnerved.  Capturing the essence of 100 years in 2 hours is a damning task even for ever so melodrama king Karan Johar and company.

Four segments divided by for directors, KJO, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Anurag Kashyap.  If you are a connosieur of the Indian films this is a must watch, if you are the one who feels at home with the festival kind of movies then also this film is a must watch.  But don't expect any fancy tales, melodrama's or action from this film.  

SAW or BT a tough choice to make for the Bar Tender.