Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will Go Goa Gone be gone for the screens by Monday and Gippy survive, read the review

'Zombie' is a genre hardly every touched by bollywood.  If you forgive the Ramsays for making giant 'bhoot'  films, zombie films have never been tried before.  Though a very successful genre in the Hollywood, the bollywood has stayed away from the subject until now.  But directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. and Producer Saif Ali Khan have taken the challenge and are bringing in bollywood's first certified zombie film "Go Goa Gone" this Friday.

It will be a mix of humour and horror like the film Shawn of the Dead.   It’s a story of four friends who bump into zombies on a faraway island and a blonde haired Saif Ali Khan comes to their rescue. 

This type of humour is not easily digestible in India so hope Saif and his team know what they are upto with the Indian fans.  

The other film to be released is a one presented by Dharma Productions and Karan Johar.  After Student of the Year, expect this one to be in the same college/teenage genre albeit the story is about the obese girl who is bullied, insulted and taken for a ride due to her circumference.  Director Sonam Nair helms this one with debutantes like Riya Vij, Taaha Shah, Divya Dutta.  

The music of both the films seem to have become a hit.  It is actually a test for Saif as well as bollywood  to test the waters with the Indian film going audience with Zombie genre.  If this film were to be a hit then you could expect a torrential rain of zombie movies in the future.    It would be fun watching how Saif and his directors would have treated this untouched subject with Indian angle.

Gippy is a teenage film which as always has a niche teenage audience to take it forward.  If the film is good like SOTY then you have a hit.  

Divide your Saturday for one and Sunday for the other.  Don't blame Saif, if Go Goa Gone falls below your expectations.  Poor man has tried something new.  

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