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23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses

23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses
There are four films releasing this Friday i.e. 23.5.2013, and the bar tender doesn't see any of them making a home run.  First in the list is a disaster film from Preity Zinta  called Ishqk in Paris.  Made by Priety Zinta for Preity Zinta this film has only one plus Salman Khan's cameo.  But the bar tender wonders if Salman Khan's broad shoulders can carry the load of this film.  Do expect a superb opening due to his presence in the film from his die hard fans but don't bet on it!
The story line is similar to I Love NY, so it leaves nothing for imagination.  Preity who is named Ishkq (who the hell names their child Ishkq, anyways) in the film falls in love with a stranger in a exotic city of Europe.  And the end as they say, happy.  Hope Preity finds some solace in being Ishkq after losing out on IPL VI also.  Watch the HD trailer to understand what the bar tender is jabbering about.

And the disaster continues with the next one!  Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke is another film releasing this week.  Starring debutants Adah Sharma  and Dev Goel with supporting roles from Anupam Kher, Chunky Pandey, Juhi Chawla and Sanju Baba!  
23.5.2013 : Bollywood releases this week, misses and misses
This one is a comedy film set in a journey from Mumbai to Pune and Sanju Baba as an Inspector.  Quite a irony and a twist of fate for Sanju Baba.  Watch the HD trailer here :

The last of the lost is a Veena Malik starrer racy, raunchy and hot sex thriller Zindagi 50 50.  The film  has Veena Malik in the role of a sex worker with Arya Babbar and Riya Sen supporting her.  It is a made for Veena Malik role and a certain category of males may like this film.

There are some hot and steamy scenes in the movie which may leave you squirming.  Watch the HD trailer even though if you cant watch the movie

So there is a list of movies which have failed to make an impression on the bar tender.  However there is this one movie from hollywood which is also releasing tomorrow.  Vin Diesel starrer Fast And Furious 6.  Continuing with the Fast And Furious franchise this film stars Vin as Dom but sadly this time around there are no car chases in the film.  The story revolves around hunting a ex-OSS agent who has gone dirty.

A must watch for Vin Diesel fans and much better than what bollywood is belting out this Friday.

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