Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebration of 100 Years of Indian Cinema, Bombay Talkies has for 4 movies only 1 talks about Cinema

Last week the Indian Cinema completed a 100 years of making films.  From Raja Harishchandra by the legend Dada Saheb Phalke to the Bombay Talkies directed by the most wannabe directors of today, we have come a long way from the era of silent films.  Today Indian film industry is the largest in the world by terms of feature films released in a year.  

To celebrate the completion of 100 years, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures came out with a very good idea of a 4 in 1 film 'Bombay Talkies'  This 4 segment film is directed by by four directors for each segment, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and Zoya Akhtar.

All these directors are in their prime form as far as film making is concerned.  Here is a view of the bar tender regarding Bombay Talkies.
1. Murabba : This is the fourth segment of the film and the best of the lot.  It deals with the fascination of cinema of a small town guy and is indeed a celebration of cinema in a way.

2. Star : This is second segment of the film and directed by Dibakar Banerjee.  It has a motif of a ostrich throughout the film.  It provides a good study about the life a struggler goes through in his personal life to fulfill his dream of acting in a movie.

3. Sheila Ki Jawaani : This is Zoya Akhtar's offering which deals which a the aspirations of a 12 year old boy to become a dancer after watching Katrina swinging to the tunes of Sheila ki Jawani.  However the film diverts from the theme of the story and enter the realm of gender bias.  This film actually is not about celebration of films but a internal gender bias study about family.

4. Ajeeb Dastaan Hain Yeh : Karan Johar's segment of the film is the most talked about and acclaimed by critics.  Bar Tender fails to see the logic of this film being a part of celebrations of Indian Cinema.  If at all, this film should have been released separately to showcase Karan Johar's directorial talents.  A terrible misfit in the celebratory mood.

The bar tender liked the idea of the producers doing a film to celebrate a very important journey of Indian cinema, but as pointed above failed to understand the idea behind Zoya and KJo's films being added in this epic journey.

The Bar Tender 

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