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Madhubala the enchantress, the eternal beauty of India

From today the Bar Tender is starting a new series of Birth and Death anniversaries and birthdays of film personalities.  This is a humble way on the part of the bar tender to pay homage to the great personalities who made Bollywood what it is today.
Madhubala the enchantress, the eternal beauty of India

Today are the death anniversaries of film Actresses Madhubala, Lalita Pawar, Composer Jagmohan and birthday of Actress Bhagyashree.  Let us wish a very happy birthday to Bhagyashree and pay a tribute to the legendary Madhubala, Lalita Pawar and composer Jagmohan
Madhubala : The eternal beauty of Indian Cinema.  This beauty died on 23.2.1969 and India lost a very beautiful and equally talented heroine.  Madhubala still lives in the heart of many hindi film buffs in the form of her various black and white photographs circulating.   Starting with film 'Basant' in 1942, Madhubala never looked back.

Her USP was her smile which charmed millions of Indians including one of the finest singers and actors of our era Kishore Kumar.  Her first movie in lead role was Neel Kamal with Raj Kapoor in 1947.  She was fourteen years old at that time and used her real name Mumtaz in the film.  Though the movie failed at the box office, her acting skill won her many fans.  She than acted in 'Mahal' opposite Ashok Kumar with psuedonym of Mumtaz, the film went on to become one of the first block busters of bollywood and the name stuck.

Born in a poor family she went on to woo hearts of millions of cine goers, Indian and foreign alike.  But true to the legend, good people are called by God earlier then expected.  As she was born a blue baby, she was suffer its complications later.  She developed a 'hole in the heart' disease which at that time was not curable in India.  On 23 February, 1969, this beautiful, enchanting heroine left for her heavenly abode.  

Some of her memorable films are 'Mugha-E-Azam', Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Mahal, Dulhan, Daulat, Mr. & Mrs.55, Howrah Bridge, Kala Paani and Phagun.  This beautiful heroine will always live in the hearts of millions of her admirers

Watch her beauty in this video from Kala Paani

Lalita Pawar : Who can ever forget Mrs D'sa from Anari with Raj Kapoor.  Once upon a time her name became synomymus with any maternal figure in our homes especially the wicked ones.  Did you know that she has also acted as heroines in Marathi movies like Netaji Palkar, Sant Damaji, Amrit and Gora Kumbhar.  An incident on the sets of a film, Bhagwan Dada hit her so hard while acting for a scene that she suffered a permanent twitch in her left eye.  

This led to her abandoning the roles as main characters and turn towards character actor roles.  But in a disguise this proved to a boon to us film buffs as we could see her acting provress in films like Anari, Mr. & Mrs.55, Tapasya, Hum Dono and Professor.

We pay our humble tributes to one of the Icons of Hindi Cinema.

Lets watch a brief bio video of Lalita Pawar

Last but not the least let us wish Bhagyashree from Maine Pyar Kiya a very happy birthday and many wishes for her future life.


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