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True Blue romance in modern times, a simple yet moving film

True Blue romance in modern times, a simple yet moving film
As predicted by the Bartender, the film 'Akashvani' is a out and out romantic feature, blend with today's thinking, especially in the light of all the issue of family status in the society in the modern world.

The film has basic rom-com start with the opening scene in the college where the boy (Kartik) meets the girl (Nushrat).  The first half however disappoints with very shoddy editing.  It feels like you are watched some kind of daily soap on TV in the first half.  So much so that at the half way point you may think of leaving the theatre.

However the Director Luv Ranjan gets the grip of the plot in the 2nd half and delivers a gripping love story which mildly touches the issue of marital rape.  

Kartik is a failure in the acting department thought the pair of Kartik and Nushrat share a certain on screen chemistry, which is beautifully captured by Ranjan.
Nushrat is soul of the film.  She looks beautiful and carried out her character to the hilt.  She can emote as well as make you laugh at the same time.  This girl if properly groomed can go places.

Hitesh Sonik's music enhances the beauty of the film, though it is not understood, why now a days film makers use English songs as a background score.  All the track of the film are quite hummable.  Particularly the scene in which Akash fulfills Vani's dream into reality is beautifully done.

Highlight of the film is that both Akash and Vani realise their mistakes when they meet at the station instead of accusing each other as is the norm of todays films.

Camera work is good, the story is very good, however if Ranjan had concentrated on the first half a little more, we could have had a winner in our hands.

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Advise from the Bartender : If you love or you have to marry of your daughter, you MUST see this film
watch the video, this song should have been in the middle of the film but Ranjan for his own reasons decided to include it at the last as a Item number :

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