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Race 2 not in race for the 100 crore club

Race 2 not in race for the 100 crore club

Like the bartender predicted, Race to is a dud.  My sympathies with Abbas Mustan and Ramesh Taurani for all the losses caused to the cars while shooting for Race 2

At the end of the film Race 2, John Abraham say that "The race ends where the race starts"  Bravo good dialogue indeed!  If only Mr.Taurani and Abbas Mustan had read this dialogue at the beginning while making the film, they wouldn't have made the film at all.  

As predicted by the bartender in the blog dated 23.1.2013, Race 2 has every thing from flashy car chases to beautiful damsels showing a lot of flesh to treachery and beautiful locations.  But it is sorely missing in one department, story.  The entire film is based on a plot of Saif's revenge for murder of his wife.  Thats it!  You need not make a 40 crore movie to explain this, Abbas Mustan may have as well made a short documentary/film for this.

Abbas Mustan duo seem to be heavily relying on Transporter, Transporter 2, Speed and all of Bond movies mixed, blended and grated into one to create a 2 and half hour dud.  

Sometimes while watching Saif in the movie, you may be fooled into thinking that you are watching Agent Vinod again.  Gotta keep your Anacin or Crocin(what ever) ready.  Why are Anil and Ameesha doing in the film is a very good question which only Mission Impossible IV makers can answer.  The way and time Abbas Mustan has taken in introducing the characters in the plot make you squirm as after all that, you find plenty of blown up cars and plenty of legs, female off course! 
Race 2 not in race for the 100 crore club

Background score and music in the film will make you wish you had taken a double dose of headache tablets.  It is loud and jarring on your ears, may be the Noise Pollution Board ought to send notice to the makers.

Only saving grace in the film is that Abbas Mustan have kept the look of Race intact in Race 2.

In 1970 to 1990 we had the main protaganist fighting the villian on mountain tops, slowly we graduated to train tops, steamers, yatches etc.  But Abbas Mustan have capped it all, the climax is shot in a plane with hero and villain fighting in the aisle of the plane.  A new record of sorts for them, Guinness guys get ready!

In the end, the hero and heroin belly hop on a car supported by four parachutes.  Another first for the hero to gain brownies.

As discussed in the Film Bar
The Bartenders advise : After watching this movie don't drive your car, hire a taxi or auto.  And wait for RACE 3, where the end may be filmed on top of Mount Everest (another record)

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