Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shaitan returns, expect David to be similar to Shaitan

Those who have seen Bijoy Nambiar's Shaitan may recall how well Bijoy played with the character of Kalki in the film.  The Bartender expects 'DAVID' to be in the same scale and looks.  

David is said to be a name of three different individuals who take a extreme step in their life which will change their life forever.

As is known from Bijoy's style of film making, the bar tender expects a hero less or heroine less film.  With gray and dark shades of humanity to forming the ensemble of the film, this could be the must watch film of 2013.  

You can expect Bijoy to portray harsh realities of life and pretty edgy scenes in the film.  Starring Vikram, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vinay Virmani, Tabu, Lara Dutta and Isha Sharvani in the lead roles, you can expect a very abrupt end to the movie.

Mad with particular gut wrenching emotions Bijoy style, the film will be dark and hard hitting.  Popcorn and Chocolate movie watchers may stay away from this film as this is not their style of films.

The Bar Tender predicts a success for Bijoy Nambiar as far as Metros' are concerned but its a bit iffy to say the same for the interiors of India.

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Bar Tenders Advise : Heart patients may avoid this film, as may claustrophopics.  

Video of the trailer

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