Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inkaar, A film by Sudhir Mishra worth a once over

Inkaar, A film by Sudhir Mishra worth a once over

Inkaar release on Friday the 18th Jan, 2013, is a movie about the a modern ambitious couple to just couldn't get their answers right.   It is a typical Sudhir Mishra film, which poses more questions than rather answer them.

The story of Inkaar is good, with a realistic plot about two people, the hero and the heroine. who have come from a remote village to a city.  Both of them are driven by one thing, that is success at any cost.  The film beautifully depicts the advantage a male has in this male dominated society.  Loosely based on hollywood movies like Disclosure, North Country and Pretty Persuasion, Sudhir Mishra has adapted the "Indianness" quite aptly.

This film is a typical multiplex film, so if you want to see a song, dance, drama routine film, you will be terribly disappointed.  And also it doesn't have repeat value, neither in the film nor the music.

Now lets move on the the movie,  Chitrangadha plays quite cameo in the film.  The character suits her nicely both in body and essence.  The way Maya explicitly uses her sexual appeal to reach the higher climes of hierarchy is beautifully enacted by her.  And Arjun is just brilliant in the film.  It touches the beautiful aspect of communication and how it or miscommunication destroys lives of to humans.  Arjun who plays Maya's boss, doesn't mind taking sexual favours from her but gets competitive when Maya goes ahead of him.

In effect, neither Maya nor her boss know what other wants,  and this complexity is surreally captured by Sudhir Mishra.

The songs are nothing to sing about, background music is ok and the film is worth one look.

It gets 2 stars from me.

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Bartenders advise : Never refuse anyone (INKAAR) otherwise you can land into trouble

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