Friday, March 22, 2013

When will Vashu Bhagnani stop wasting money? The week ahead


Vashu Bhagnani is hell bent on making a star out of his son, only this time he has taken the services of Priyadarshan to direct Rangrezz.  The original movie in Tamil has already been made in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.  Though it proved to be a hit in almost all languages, hindi cinema is a different ball game all together.

Rangrezz is a story of three friends fighting out their lives against all odds and as per requirement of a complete movie has a female lead in Megha Joshi who is girlfriend of one of the friends (obviously the hero) but who is soon to be married to the villan (again obvious).  Then in true Priyan style there will be a happy ending.  Vashu Bhagnani has also bought the rights of the Gangnam song by Psy to boost the chances of the film becoming a hit.

If you are a Priyan fan and you like his films with the last minute running around in the climax, you may enjoy the film.  

The second film to be released tomorrow is a out and out horror flick called Atma starring Bipasha Basu.  This film will have its creeps and chills and if you have spent a hectic week trying to convince your boss regarding your project, this film will chill you out.  My only question is to Mr.Siddiqui.  Why is he acting in such kind of films after giving superlative performances in Kahani and Talaash.

Yet another film to bite the dust will be Sona Spa.  This film directed by Makarant Deshpande is based on a play written and directed by him.  If you are a theatre fan than this film will work for you.  The bar tender expects Naseer's acting to be very good in the film.

All in all, the field is now open for Jolly LLB to continue is sweet run at the box office due to lack of competition.  Jolly LLB is a must watch film for Arshad and Boman's acting.  Director Subhash Kapoor has improved on his directorial talents with this film.  The film not only combines humor with reality, it gives you the glimpse of the corruption in judicial system.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti is also in the run for being a hit.  It is a light hearted film which gives you ample entertainment.  The only sore point in the film is Ram Kapoors acting.  He seems like he is trying very hard to become a Punjabi father in the film.  Direction by debutante director Ashima Chibber is very good.  The film ends with a fascinating well thought out climax.

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