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Himmatwala 2013 Old Wine in a New Bottle, has Bollywood run out of ideas

Himmatwala 2013 Old Wine in a New Bottle, has Bollywood run out of ideas
Astonishing as it may seem but the fad of remaking old hindi films continues at a good pace.  After the success of Don by Farhan Akhtar, may producers and directors are queuing up to make refurbished old hits.  Himmatwala is one such film by Sajid Khan.  

Himmatwala was the peak film of jumping jack Jeetendra in the 1980s when he had veered towards making most of his films by Padmalaya and co from South India.  Though the films didn't have anything much to write home about, the song and dance sequences from these kind of  were praised all over India.  

If you are ok with the song and dance sequences where the hero, heroine and a dozen extras then you may enjoy the film.  But do remember it is a copy of the original Himmatwala with some comedy inputs from Sajid Khan.  

Sajid follows the distinct Priyadarshan style of direction where all the protagonists of the films come together in the climax sequence to create a run riot.  He is sure to continue the same in this film.  

Ajay Devgn stars in this film alongwith a southern belle called Tammanah, Ajay has had a good run at the Box Office with his last Son of Sardar being deemed a hit.  He will hope that some of the magic rubs on to this movie.   Tammanah is no copy of the ever wonderful Sridevi but is beautiful in her own way.    The songs are already a rage across the country and expect the song sequences to be lavish.  Thats about it.  There is nothing more to expect from the film then a few cheesy one liners and subtle comedy from Sajid.  

If you are not upto it you can always watch Jolly LLB and Mere Dad Ki Maruti, both of which continue a very good run at the theatres.

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