Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saare Jahan Se Mehnga, a film to watch out for

This week is going to an interesting one from Bollywood point of view.  The makers of Phas Gaye Re Obama have come out with their take on the price rise in India.  With Phas Gaye Re Obama they took on the United States of America for bringing recession to the world of thieves and thugs in an remote rural outpost and ruining the livelihood of hundreds of kidnappers, extortionist and thugs in general.  It gave us a satirical glimpse in to hierarchy of the world of thugs with a small don, his big version and ultimately the biggest version of thieves in India the political bosses.
 Expect a similar take on the inflation situation currently faced by the Indian by Anshul Sharma.  If satirical comedy is your forte, this is the film for you.  The price rise is a very complicated subject with each of us having a different view on what and why the prices are rising.  If Anshul is even as half successful with Saare Jahan Se Mehnga in presenting the satire through light hearted comedy, we are sure to have a laugh riot to watch.

Starring ensemble theatre cast led by Sanjay Mishra without any known bollywood faces,  the film can be expected to give a honest and superlative screenplay based on the price rise.  The bar tender has many hopes from Anshul Sharma and his baby.  Enjoy the teaser before you venture out to watch the movie.

The second movie releasing tomorrow is a sequel of Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster with a Returns added to its name.  Tighmanshu Dhulia is fresh from the success of Paan Singh Tomar and is sure to ride on the goodwill created by it.  Anyways the first installment had a superb storyline and very good acting by Jimmy Shergill and company so the bar tender expects another superlative acting by Jimmy Shergill and Irrfan Khan.  Yes Irrfan Khan joins the party in this one.  

It will have the usual story of a zamindar and a no good character. They are sure to be driven to a fight over 'Biwi' Mahie Gill.  It doesn't require Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Jimmy will be Zamindar and Irrfan Khan will play the bad guy.  Its just elementary. The back drop of Raja's, their havelis, politicians and the women folk who dont give a damn about adultry is sure to liven up the screens.

Tighmanshu seems to have developed a niche in making rural Indian films with very rich and sparkling village and kothi backdrops.  This film is a continuity in that genre.  Expect it to run the theatre full for first week especially in the multiplexes.  Check out the trailer of the movie

The Bar Tender

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